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Thank you: Peter Grobbelar - "Fly by Wire"

Peter some time ago contributed one of his beautiful hand made models in a case for auction: you may have seen the article/pictures of this already on Facebook etc. In addition to the mounted presentation piece, Peter also contributes a percentage of any sales made from our stand at airshows, flying days, etc. What a great way to operate.

Peter Grobbelar

Peter presents the wire frame model to Ian Grace, Chairman of the project Steering Committee. Photo copyright Russel Dixon-Paven

Thank you: Bazil Kreil - "Antique & Diecast Models and Toys"

Bazil operates along side us at all the Museum Flying days as well as independently at other shows: he donates generously to our cause on a regular basis. You may have seen him on the front page of the Friends “Stringbag” magazine, and he certainly deserves all the publicity we can give him for his ongoing contributions. The photo shows a burned leather picture he recently created and donated to the project for fund raising.

Thank you: Donations by Mike & Heather Townsend

We offer our sincere thanks to Heather Townsend for donating her beloved husband Mike’s Pillar Drill & Grinding Machine to the Spitfire Workshop. Heather did this because Mike was an engineer throughout his life and she new he would be happy if his machines and tools were used in a cause which would ensure their survival and practical usage. Our Warbird was built in 1944 and the machines in question also fit very comfortably with the scheme of things and ambience which we are creating around the aircraft.

Peter Grobbelar
Peter Grobbelar

Thank you: Donations by Friends of the SAAF Museum

The members of the friends contribute so much to this project and not only those directly involved.

Special Mentions today also for:

Theo Burden who acts liason with many other groups linked to the Friends

The Photographic Club: Where Lynn Greyling, Gail van Tonder abd Russel Dixon Paver are regular providers of photos and helpers and I'm sure there are are others I missed. Please excuse my old age.

The Swartkop based South African Guild of Aviation, Military and Maritime Artists , where Marthie Vorster Breet has recently completed a full refurbishment of the "Battle of Britain" mural/banner: if this doesn't set the right environment in our workshop, nothing will! Marthie has also taken on some further painting tasks and has agreed to do sign writing around the Museum.

Peter Grobbelar

The Swartkops Modellers , where Neels Barnard has produced a king sized model of a Spitfire which he presented to us recently at the Spitfire Pilots Reunion. The model now takes pride of place in our new Gazebo at all events it attends.

Peter Grobbelar

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