Supporting Artists

Here are the dedicated artists that are supporting the Spitfire Restoration Project through their art! Help support them, to help support us!

Bazil Kiel Brent Best Don Bell Pieter Grobbelaar

Bazil Kriel

Bazil Kriel is a Wildlife and Aviation artist who concentrates mainly on leather pyrography.

He started practicing art in the 1970’s with pastel and oil paintings and leather pyrography in the 1990’s.

After retiring as a Colonel in the SANDF he has done over 500 paintings of which many have ended overseas.

His passion remains aviation art, wildlife art and occasionally portraits.


Brent Best

We here at the Spitfire Restoration Project are sure most of you in the aviation world know Brent Best, well-known for his aviation graphics of military aircraft.

He has graciously created graphics of our beloved Spitfire in her various colour schemes and serial numbers that have been assigned to her throughout the years. We are incredibly grateful!

See the gallery here .


Don Bell

Don is a multi-faceted artist, illustrator, Senior Professional Architectural Technologist, former advertising exec and keen photographer.

His creative works include oils, watercolours, charcoal, pencil, pen and mixed-media including digital art. Subject matter includes aviation, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, architecture and contemporary art.

During school years he was privately tutored in fine art by well-known artists Andre’ Vancoillie and Paul Lavender.

He matriculated in art at the Port Elizabeth Technical College in 1968 and joined an architectural firm as in-house illustrator. He was then trained in architecture and eventually opened his own design firm, expanding into graphic design marketing and advertising at which time he opened his own business which handled local, national and international clients.

Don is a Senior Professional Architectural Technologist based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa and still runs an architectural practice.

His aviation studies are well researched and the aircraft and locations are accurate as possible so as to provide a historical record for others to appreciate.

He is a Member of the South African Guild of Aviation Military & Maritime Artists (SAGAMMA) and The American Society of Aviation Artists.


Don has an exclusive aviation art gallery based in the Port Elizabeth SAAF Museum where he displays his works.


Don accepts commissions from all over the world and all his works are available as prints.


All his works can be viewed at

As well as his Facebook page: @DonBellArtist

T: 27-41-367 3999

C: 27-82 691 8755


Pieter Grobbelaar - Flybywire Aviation Art

Pieter H. Grobbelaar, has been creating custom made aircraft models for the aviation industry and private clients for almost 25 years. Models are sculptured from wire, and presented in classic wall frames, or contemporary Perspex frames. There are five frame sizes available, closely resembling standard sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. Frames of a unique size can also be manufactured, if required. The models can also be purchased loose, if so required. Models are made from Copper wire, and available in four finishes, namely natural Copper, Nickel, 24Ct gold or Rhodium/white gold plate. Models are also made from solid sterling silver wire, solid 18Ct gold wire, or solid platinum wire. Almost any aircraft or product can be presented in this unique style, and customized to suit your companies need for exclusive corporate gifts or decorative artwork. Models can be shipped to anywhere in the world, and are packaged accordingly, if needed. Clients include Boeing, Bombardier, ExecuJet, Airbus and Airbus Helicopter, Absolute Aviation, Fireblade Aviation, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. and many more.

Click here to visit Pieter Grobbelaar's website. Pieter can also be contacted on +27 (0)836753147 or by email at

Pieter also offers a framing service for cast models, or any other 3D sculptures or items. Most items are framed with our unique 3D mirror layout, to enhance the visibility of the piece. Feel free to bring your own models to be framed in this unique way..