New Restoration Hangar Roof Wetting

5 March 2022

Group Photo

Group Photo. All photographs, courtesy Justin Grace

Saturday 5th March 2022 is now a memorable day in the restoration of Spitfire 5518 / TE213.

There is a saying, the start of a journey is the first step. On Saturday, the first step to the Spitfire Restoration was undertaken.

The construction on the new Restoration is now underway, as previously reported. The steel structure is now erected. The Project is grateful to Phambili Construction with the professional manner and construction of the new facility.

We are grateful, as many restoration and preservation projects in Gauteng were represented by thirteen organisations involved in restoration, preservation and maintaining the wonderful history of the South African Air Force, were present at the function. These include, the South African Air Force Museum, Buccaneer 421, Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Gamma Artists, Hangar 51, Harvard Club of South Africa (HCSA), Korean Veterans Association, Royal Air Force Officers Club of South Africa (RAFOC), SAA Museum Society, South African Air Force Modellers Society, South African Air Force Museum Photographers, Sabre Project and the Spitfire Restoration Project. Rebecca Campbell, of Engineering News and a very loyal supporter of the Project was also present. We also wish to offer our gratitude to all these organisations for their support.

The Project remains grateful to Maj Ntshangase (the Museum Officer Commanding) and the Swartkop Base Commander, Col Schoeman for their incredible support, as well as the Friends of the SAAFM.

Col. Tony Smit

Col Tony Smit, second OC of the SAAFM, living legend and initiator of the Spitfire Restoration Project initiating the new steel structure of the new Restoration Hangar.

In order for the Project to proceed, a workshop / restoration area is required. Therefore, the Project to restore the Spitfire is now divided into phases, Phase 1 is the erection of the new workshop / restoration structure, which includes part of the roofing. Phase 2 will be the completion of the roofing.

Digby Sherwood and Ian Grace

During the function, Digby Sherwood of the South Africa Airways Museum Society presented a SAAFM First Day Cover Collection to the Project.

Karl Jensen and Ian Grace

Also, the Royal Air Force Officers Club (RAFOC) and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) were represented by Karl Jensen. Karl then presented the Project with a framed photograph of Jack Malloch in his Spitfire, as well as a framed photograph of a Spitfire cockpit.

The Project was also honoured to have generous donors, such as Al Wenger and the public, as Performance Center, who sponsored the first of ten Super car Ford Mustangs. Al and Performance Centre enabled the erection of the hangar.

We are extremely grateful to these organisations for their support and generous donations. The SteerCo is humbled and appreciative of the incredible support which we receive, this in physical as experienced today, financial andexpertise.

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