Project Update - December 2016

Merry Christmas and thanks to all those who have helped the project over the last few months.

Whilst many of you were enjoying life “shopping for Christmas,” it was decided to reposition the Spitfire, to remove it from the current wooden stands and place it on a wheeled trailer. This was to permit its easy transportation in preparation for movement both to the May Air Show and the construction of its new home in the donated workshop building, which we hope will be erected in March. It also will assist in the use of the limited space currently available. A work team was requested from the Friends, who as always produced the goods and the job was completed successfully. A separate report will be posted shortly on the website, including more photographs; there’s one below.

Our efforts to link up with other groups worldwide are also bearing fruit with promises of drawings of fuselage jigs from both Duxford (UK) and Vintage Wings, in Quebec Canada. Articles are currently being written to cover:

- a visit to Brooklands, Weybridge, UK which includes the famous bouncing bomb, Concorde and of course the racetrack, as well as a replica Vickers Vimy, as in the Silver Queen, of first London to Cape Town flight fame;
- the history of the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) in Maidenhead UK: the stories of the 3 female pilots from South Africa who delivered Spitfires in World War 2. Also received from ATA are details of their Spitfire Simulator; and
- more about the Vintage Wings restoration of ex SAAF Spitfire 5519, in Canada, which should make its maiden flight in the next few weeks.

Mike Whittal has been nominated to lead the electrical repairs on 5518. He trained in Aircraft Avionics at Atlas and was in the team which rewired our Spitfire in the 1990s prior to its accident in 2000. He is currently employed as maintenance manager at a major hospital, having moved to the medical industry. Mike heard of the project whilst at the May air show and has joined us.

Much progress has also been made in the workshop, including the installation of shelving in the storage area, while much also still needs to be completed.

Photo above: General view of the team preparing to move the Spitfire fuselage onto its new trolley.

Why not become Sponsor or be a member of our team! No matter what your skills, we will be able to use them!

Wanted Gifts for Xmas:

- More imperial tools and workshop machines
- Paint and other decorating materials.
- Kitchen cupboards etc. to use in storage and office space.
- Computers for office use.

Cash donations always accepted!

So what’s next?

- Fuselage stripping to commence.
- Install a sound system in the workshop.
- Identify work teams for each sub-project as sponsorship is acquired and progress is achieved.
- Continue the cataloguing of all parts, followed by in depth inspections.
- Erect the new workshop facility, and then move into it.

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing more of you in 2017.

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