Project Update - September 2016

P------ Off with Paperwork, painting, & cleaning! Yes aren’t we all!

We are told that the paperwork battle is almost over which is encouraging, however we are also told that the war is not yet won. Perhaps what we need is another Spitfire! Progress on installing the new workshop has also been delayed due to authorities from above.

So what have we been up to?

- Continuing to refurbish the workshop area!
- Collecting furniture donated by Col. Tony Smit for the new office building.
- Obtained a trailer for the Spitfire which is currently being serviced and modified.
- Much research is going on in respect of metals/materials needed for fuselage/wing repairs.
- Supervised boneyard area clearance (sponsored by Teichman).
- Continuing to work on smaller projects.
- Refurbishing a mounting frame for Merlin camshafts.
- Our dress the dummy pilot is still being created at a secret location we are informed that this could be a rather obscene process. A scheme to clothe this in period clothing will be launched shortly. - Running our stall at various airshows around Gauteng.
- Working on closer links internally and externally with other related groups.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance so far! "Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless" - Sherry Anderson

So where to next?

Re-catalouging of all components on the new Type 361 system will start in earnest shortly. This will establish exactly what we have and what we don’t have. The way ahead for each major assembly will be discussed exploring the way ahead considering local repair, contract repair or purchase new. A large drive is required if fuselage and wings are to be considered repairable we will need to gain expertise in “panel beating” and the use of the “English Wheel” this we feel will only be obtained from the auto industry and more specifically companies specialising in “custom cars” we need their skills (please forward any contacts you might have).

To take this one stage further there is a requirement across the board for trades, to mention just a few; Carpenters, Armourers, Aero Eng. Marketing, and IT. A recruiting drive is also needed! Our continuous drive for tools & machines continues as we still need further Whitworth sockets, spanners and hand tools of every kind. We also require bench vices. And for the metalworkers, tools of every kind including an “English Wheel “, lathes, rivet guns, metal cutters etc. For storage we need doors, cupboards & shelving etc for our storage area! We are always happy to clear your garage for you!

We need your books and artefacts for our displays and most of all we need you!

- Your Expertise
- Your Skills
- Your Labour

We are also prepping for our Fund Raising Auction! We have been gracelessly given a painting by Don Bell and a Flyby wire model spitfire! These are two excellent pieces of art but we are still seeking further items for this our event. As always, we are always happy to listen to your ideas!

Kind regards,


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