Aviation artist Darryl Legg, supports the Spitfire Project

Darryl Legg

We are privileged to have a new artist supporting our project - the incredibly talented aviation artist Darryl Legg.

Darryl has offered us the right to print copies of his painting of Spitfire 5518, an incredibly detailed painting of our Spitty, which we are restoring. He has also offered a few other aviation paintings to the Project.

The aviation art of Darryl Legg has been circulating in South Africa for the past 27 years and has attracted clients both locally and internationally. His interest in aircraft and his passion for art inspired Darryl early to pursue his talents and emerge as one of South Africa’s leading aviation artists.

On completing his training, he became a full-time professional artist at the age of twenty, choosing acrylics as his medium. Although his subject includes portraits, landscapes, automotive, locomotive and marine art, Darryl is a recognised Aviation Artist. Most of his time is devoted to working on aviation commission work. Painting as a full-time professional is a full-time career, requiring many hours of research and detail applied to each portrayal of his aviation subject, emphasising colour accuracy and realism.

Each of Darryl’s works is done on a gesso-primed canvas. Acrylics are his choice of medium, as this paint has fast-drying qualities, complimenting his style and enabling him to attain a high level of detail. With hundreds of aviation books, magazines and photographs in his library, Darryl can create accurate and authentic works, relying on his reference to ensure that each artwork is in line with the high-quality standard he maintains for each client.

Darryl Legg was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1975. After matriculating in 1993, he went to the Technical College in Port Elizabeth, where he completed his art course. He currently lives in the Karoo town of Middelburg, from where he sends his work to various local and international clients.

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