Spitfire Restoration progress update - October 2015

Here is the latest news on the Spitfire Restoration Project: The FSAAFM is currently removing the various small components from the aircraft’s fuselage interior/cockpit area. These include the chassis control, throttle and propeller controls, trim tabs, radios, etc., for potential re-builders to more easily assess the work required to rebuild the fuselage from Frame 5 back to the tail assembly attachment. When the fuselage is moved off-site for rebuilding, space could be made to begin work on the wings to achieve a similar objective.

Short-term requirements:

  • Accurate drawings to have fuselage frames fabricated, bearing in mind that AX-K is a low-back version of the Mk.IX.
  • Accurate drawings to produce suitable jigs to align these frames with the longerons.
  • Accurate drawings of fuselage skins to be attached to above.

With the above requirements, a suitably qualified and equipped engineering partner could be approached to perform the work at no cost to the project or on a cost-plus basis. If the latter, a substantial fund-raising campaign will be required to realise the necessary finance.

Project Support:

To date, over 50 enthusiastic layman volunteers have offered their support to the project but are under-utilised due to the present location’s lack of qualified skills and facilities. It is believed that the restoration must be moved to a well-equipped workshop with the necessary manpower, skills, and equipment to perform the work.