Spitfire Project update - May 2015

The Friends of The South African Air Force Museum (FSAAFM) acquired the components of AX-K between May and August 2015. A thorough assessment proved that the damage sustained was substantial, with all major items (fuselage, tail assembly, wings, flaps, undercarriage, engine, etc.) beyond repair. Therefore there is a requirement for new-build spars, ribs, frames, skins and a host of other components.

Smaller items such as cockpit controls, etc., would have to be checked and serviced for potential re-use with new piping, cables and/or electrics.

The FSAAFM are not equipped with the resources – manpower nor mechanical – to carry out the above work on-site at AFB Swartkop and therefore seek outside agencies’ support. Any offers will be gratefully considered and appreciated.